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Rosina's Diary

How to get rid of your blackheads once and for all, naturally!

Blackheads may sometimes seem like the bane of our existence. They’re so damn small They’re super dark And when you have one, you ALWAYS have many, many more. Luckily, most, if not all, of us will deal with blackheads at some point in our lives which means your not alone in dealing with the problem Since so many before you have had to deal with this hindrance, there are a plethora of solutions for getting rid of blackheads naturally and effectively. "Since dirt doesn’t cause blackheads, what does? Simply put, oil and bacteria." To fix a problem, it’s best to know what that problem is made of. In this case, our problem is made of clogged pores. Contrary to popular...

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Bath Salts Bad During Pregnancy: The Lowdown

During pregnancy - especially your first - being unsure of the do's and don'ts can be a huge source of anxiety. Huge. 'Better not eat that.' 'Are there chemicals in that?' 'Will I even fit in that?' As if it wasn't tough enough giving up soft cheese, sushi and wine; now they want to take away our baths our as well?  Baths are one of those things that are typically regarded as a bit of a pregnancy no-no, bath salt or no bath salt. Obviously, you're well within your rights to err on the side of caution of this one… But... When your back is killing you; your feet, your ankles - even your wrists - the idea of...

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How to Make Your Very own Bath Bombs

Admittedly, some things are really difficult to make. Meringues. Soufflés. Most (okay, all) of the things asked of The Great British Bake Off contestants... Bath bombs, however, are surprisingly not one of them. This is usually pretty shocking news to people that ask about the bath bomb process, so I thought: why not share some insider intel with all those curious to get stuck into making their own. There are, of course, hundreds of different variations you can play around with (Orange Peel Oil and Cocoa Butter is a personal favourite) but the bare bones of the bath bomb itself? They're the same across the the board. That means if you've made one bath bomb, you're well on your way...

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