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Darling Sophie,

Now that you have come of age, my dearest granddaughter, I would like to share with you some of the advice that my mother gave to me. I have written a diary for you so please read a new page every day and remember me. In here you will find all the special recipes for the unique skincare products that were formulated by my mother, by your mother and by me, your loving grandmother.

The first recipe has to be extra special for you to see what your future holds. You will know how important roses have always been to me. The Russian Rose, because of our Russian heritage or the most perfectly, perfumed Damascene roses which your grandfather always used to grow especially for me. Your mother will show you all the caskets and boxes your grandfather would buy for my Valentine’s gifts always decorated with my favourite roses. I hope the delicate scent of a these special roses will make you remember your childhood and the sunny days we spent together in the rose garden, or perhaps, it will make you think of the rain showers we would dodge to cut the blooms to bring the sunshine into our home. Big, thorny roses with blooms larger than your hand and tiny little blossoms whose petals would fall onto the table. Do you remember how we would collect these fallen petals and dry them or how I would put them in the mortar and you would grind them to release their powerful aroma? I remember so well your hands were so small you had to hold the pestle with both hands but you loved to help. I wonder whether you will use the Damascene roses for your first perfume?

You have been brought up with the healing and soothing properties of the rose oils your mother and I loved to blend for the creams in our facial skincare. I adored using these natural products and have always known how well they work but it wasn’t until your mother learnt all about ingredients and aromatherapy that I began to understand why they were so potent. With her help we tweaked and changed our formulae until we achieved the perfect mix. Your mother is a very clever girl and I am sure you will learn so much from her before adding your own exceptional style to our blends.

With your mother by your side and with me forever in your thoughts I know you make your own path taking the recipes and products from your family’s past and bringing them with you into your future. All the knowledge that we gained during the twentieth century will make the foundations that you will build on in the twenty-first century. I entrust all my secret recipes into your care for to you to make them even better than I ever could.

Please try them all and make them your own. I hope you will get as much pleasure and satisfaction from creating your own exceptional blends as we have. Mix your creams and blend your serums with the love and care we have always used and now, my darling girl, it’s your turn!


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