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Our team at Rosina's Lotions and Potions are always mixing things together and coming up with new skincare ideas. So the other day when we stumbled across this amazing natural face mask recipe, we just knew we had to share it with you! In the winter months our skin is crying out for a little extra TLC and here's how....

All you need is, 1 table spoon of aloe vera gel, 1 tablespoon of coconut oil and 1 tablespoon of Shea butter. Mix all the ingredients together to a fine paste and then gently massage onto your face and neck. Make sure to keep the eye area clear! Then sit back, relax and have a cup of tea for 20 minutes while the mask does its magic! Finish by washing it off with warm water (with a splash of cold after) and then moisturise with your winter moisturiser. Why not try our Face, Neck & Decolette Cream which is exceptionally powerful and designed to deeply hydrate. So there you have it, another top winter skincare tip!




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