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The DO'S and DONT'S for Glycolic Acid.

Here is our ultimate guide to get you in the know and feeling confident about using Glycolic Acid, once you start using it we can assure you, you won't be able to stop!

So what is Glycolic Acid ?

Glycolic Acid is a natural ingredient derived from sugar cane. It is part of a group know as Alpha Hydroxy Acids and has a reputation as being one of the safest forms of AHA's.  

Glycolic Acid is a natural chemical exfoliator which removes the outer layer of dead skin cells on your skin by breaking down the substance that holds the dead skin together. This enables the fresh new skin to be brought to the surface in a gentle manner, without damaging it.

This is perfect if you have acne, suffer from blackheads or fine lines and wrinkles. Glycolic Acid helps with discolouration such as sunspots or age spots.  It is also a wonderful anti-ageing product as it smooths and evens ageing skin.


Some of the benefits of using Glycolic Acid:

- Fresh new glowing skin

- Smoother skin

- Easily applied and used

- Removes dead skin cells without being abrasive

- Helps to control acne and eliminate blackheads

- Suitable for all skin types, colours and ages

- Can be used in conjunction with most skincare programmes

- Works to prevent ingrowing hairs on face or body

- An excellent treatment for the condition called keratosis pilaris (the bumpy skin you normally find on the back of the arms).

            How to use Glycolic Acid:

            - Start using it slowly - once a day for the first week, moving up to twice a day to allow your skin time to acclimatise to the lower pH of an AHA

            - Do not use different ranges of AHA's together as you will not be sure how much you are using each day and you do not want to overload your skin.

            - Do not use near the eyes

            - Always use an SPF (minimum factor of SPF 30) even on rainy or snowy days. This is important as you need to protect the fresh new skin cells from sun damage.


              Here are a few of our favorite brands of Glycolic Acid skin care products:  

              Jan Marini - Bioclear Lotion ( £38.99 www.skinoracle.com).

              Harley Street Skin - Clean Tech Renewal Lotion (£35.00 www.harleystskin.com)

              Vi Derm Exfoliating Body Lotion ( $40.00 www.dermstore.com)

              Tip: Have a gook at the ingredients when buying a product with Glycolic Acid in it.   The product should contain around 10% Glycolic Acid, less than that may not be as effective.

              Other AHA’s:

              Alpha Hydroxy Acids are naturally derived from milk and various plant sources, although most AHAs used in cosmetics are created synthetically. The different types of AHA's are: Glycolic Acid - derived from sugar cane. Lactic Acid - made from soured or buttered milk, molasses, yogurt, honey, or bilberries. Tartaric Acid - made from grapes, berries, currants, passion fruit, honeysuckle, and red wine. Malic Acid - made from apples. Citric Acid - made from citrus fruits of all types. Out of the AHA's, Glycolic Acid and Lactic Acid are considered to be the most effective and well-researched.  

              Note: AHA's are of little benefit when added to rinse-off products, as their contact with skin is too brief for them to function as exfoliants or absorb into skin.

              Please leave us a comment below, we would love you hear about your experiences with Glycolic Acid or any other AHA's!





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