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How to get rid of your blackheads once and for all, naturally!

Blackheads may sometimes seem like the bane of our existence.

They’re so damn small

They’re super dark

And when you have one, you ALWAYS have many, many more.

Luckily, most, if not all, of us will deal with blackheads at some point in our lives which means your not alone in dealing with the problem

Not alone

Since so many before you have had to deal with this hindrance, there are a plethora of solutions for getting rid of blackheads naturally and effectively.

"Since dirt doesn’t cause blackheads, what does? Simply put, oil and bacteria."

To fix a problem, it’s best to know what that problem is made of.

In this case, our problem is made of clogged pores.

Contrary to popular belief, blackheads aren’t caused by dirt. In fact, they have next to nothing to do with your actual cleanliness.

Blackheads occur when dead skin cells or oil plug open pores.

Then all that gunk in open pores turns black thanks to oxygen.

Since dirt doesn’t cause blackheads, what does?

Simply put, oil and bacteria.


Yeah, I get know, totally gross.

"Luckily, since blackheads so easily occur, they can easily be fixed"

However, these two things (skin cell and oil build up) occur due to a number of reasons like:


When things like concealer and foundation aren’t removed before going to bed, blackheads will almost definitely occur.

Tight Clothes

This one sounds a bit strange, but tight clothes easily equate to more sweat and more sweat leads to more clogged pores.

Can you guess what clogged pores do?

They cause blackheads.


Yep, high humidity and places with more heat will give you even more blackheads as your precious pores open up to a mixture of dirt and pollution.


The hormonal changes that come with stress can cause your body to make too much oil.

Which causes blackheads and in turn more stress

Ugh, I feel anxious for my skin just thinking about it.

Luckily, since blackheads so easily occur, they can easily be fixed.

We just need to unclog those pesky pores and never, ever, ever allow them to become blocked again.

Only then can we finally be free of the dreaded blackhead plague.


So, now you and I have got ourselves a plan.

Let's to get to work.

How To Remove Those Blackheads

The Egg White Remedy

You may be thinking “uhh...what?.”.

That’s fair.

I know it sounds a little odd, to say the least, but egg whites have a lot to offer.

Egg whites contain an abundance of protein that nourish the skin.

The way the whites dry also allow you to pull some of that unwelcomed gunk from your pores without pain.


All We need To Do Is

Crack one egg into a bowl, grab a whisk or a fork and beat away.

Get a clean brush (an old makeup brush or paintbrush will do).

Apply a thin layer of egg white across your face. Make sure to cover all of the blackhead prone areas like the nose, chin, and cheeks. Once it dries (about 10 minutes from application), it will feel tight.

Rinse it off with warm water and pat your face dry with a clean towel.

Your skin will feel refreshed and will positively glow with daily use


The Baking Soda Breakout

It’s likely that you have baking soda sitting on a shelf somewhere.

It’s also likely that baking soda has much more power than you’re realizing.

You can use baking soda (mixed with water) to create an exfoliant that isn’t harsh to the skin.

Baking soda also has anti-bacterial properties that can remove the bacteria that caused the blackheads in the first place.


All We need To Do Is

Mix equal part baking soda with equal parts water or until it’s a paste-like consistency.

"Do not use exfloiate your skin with baking soda. It may be tempting, but do not rub the baking soda into your face!"

Splash your face with warm water (this opens the pores).

Apply a layer of the mixture onto your problem areas.

Let it sit for 2-3 minutes.

Voila! Rinse with warm water, then splash you face with cold water to close the pores.

(Do not use exfloiate your skin with baking soda. It may be tempting, but do not rub the baking soda into your face! Don’t use baking soda on your face more than once or twice a week. You want to keep some good oils on your face otherwise your face will become super dry AKA a desert.)

The sugar Scrub Solution

Exfoliants are great for blackheads, as long as they aren’t too harsh.

Exfoliating loosens up some of the stuff clogging your pores while ridding your skin of some of the oils and dead skin particles that gave you your blackheads in the first place.

When choosing and applying an exfoliant, you want to make sure it is gentle to your skin, in formula and application. The skin is delicate.

Scrubbing harder isn’t going to give you clearer skin.

Start with a simple sugar scrub of granulated sugar and coconut oil. You may think “No! Not sugar on my face. That will only make it worse!”.

This isn’t the case.

Though sugar is not very nice to the inside of your body, it can be great for your skin, especially if you’re attempting to get rid of dead skin.

"Au revior dry skin and blackheads!"

All We need To Do Is

Mix one cup of either brown or white granulated sugar (go organic - it's worth it) with half a cup of coconut oil and add a coupld of drops of lavender essential oil.

Jump into a hot shower and scrub your skin all over with your new magical exfoliator.

Rinse thoroughly and you will reveal skin that feels silky silky smooth.

Au revoir dry skin and blackheads!


Some other of my favouriote exfoliants include: lemon and salt, oatmeal (especially good for sensitive skin) and honey, and coffee grounds - caffeine is marvelous for the skin.

At the end of the day, the best way to rid your face of blackheads naturally is to prevent getting blackheads in the first place.

Which leads us onto...

How to stop those darned blackheads building up

Dont' get me wrong this is pretty easy to do but takes committing to a routine.

Personally I just follow a few simple rules.

After working out or doing something that causes you me to perspirate, I'm always sure to wipe the sweat from my body before it can set into my pores (Tip: take two towels to the gym).

I try not to over exfoliate because when the skin is too dry, it will want to make even more oil, causing more blackheads. Nightmare.

I keep my hands clean and try to always carry some alcohol hand wash (with added moisturiser).

Plus I always wash the makeup from my face, like always.

Even if I've returned home from a few cocktails a little merry and I just want to crawl into bed, that makeup is getting removed - much to the amusement of my long suffering boyfriend as I wobble around the bedroom.

Finally, at the least, every day, I wash my face with a gentle soap to get rid of the excess oil and dead skin then apply a Kale & Pomegranate Face Mask.


Whatever your own personal skincare regime is, you need remember that it isn't about creating the perfect skin but about nurturing the skin we have.