In Marylebone, London, vintage skincare secrets merged effortlessly with the latest anti-ageing technology with the advent of Rosina’s Lotions and Potions, a premium skincare range and perfumery that draws on three generations of beauty experience and expertise.

Rosina’s Lotions and Potions is a tribute to Rosina, a dancer at London’s (now notorious) Eve Club, who first began innovating beauty products in the 1950’s.

This unique combination of vintage and contemporary seamlessly mixes Rosina’s wisdom with the talents of her daughter Lesley Reynolds, one of the leading skincare experts in the UK today, and the up to date insight of her granddaughter, Sophie, the heart of this amazing range of products.

Sophie, using her Grandmother’s unique recipes and her mother’s understanding of skincare in the twenty-first century, has developed Rosina’s Lotions and Potions to strike a delicate balance between natural and organic ingredients including rose, lemongrass and honey and the latest anti-ageing peptide technologies.

The result has been to produce beautifully textured creams and serums that leave the skin looking young and vibrant, without the harsh effects of more technology-rich brands.

With beautifully sculpted glass bottles taking centre stage, the packaging effortlessly channels the vintage cosmetics collections of the 1950’s so loved and adored by Rosina in her heyday at the Eve Club.


About Rosina

Rosina was a dancer at the Eve Club, a regular haunt of Frank Sinatra that found notoriety a decade later by providing the backdrop to the now infamous Profumo Affair.

Although the life of a dancer can be glamorous it often took a serious toll on their skin. It would often be made from crude ingredients including charcoal, Vaseline and the red dye from wallpaper, so the make-up of the 1950s, was a far cry from the pharmaceutical miracles we can use today.

So that she could counteract the harsh effects of the make-up and the paraffin used to remove it, Rosina loved to concoct lotions and potions in her kitchen.

About Lesley

So that she could counteract the harsh effects of the make-up and the paraffin used to remove it, Rosina loved to concoct lotions and potions in her kitchen.

Inspired by her mother, Lesley had an interest in skincare from an early age. She opened her first beauty salon in Essex and then discovered collagen infused products in the U.S.A. She was one of the first women in the UK to distribute cosmeceutical products.

Lesley built a very successful business within this specialised sector, and through her work she met and married Dr Aamer Khan.  Lesley is now one of the leading skincare experts in the UK. She is a regular contributor to articles on beauty and has a column each week in the Daily Express and the Sunday Mirror as well as weekly articles in various magazines.  Both Dr Khan and Lesley are regular contributors to both TV programmes and radio shows and their Clinic was the subject of a documentary series.


About Sophie

Having grown up in a family where skin care was a way of life it was inevitable that Sophie would become a beauty therapist.  She spent most of her youth either helping at one of her mother’s clinics or stirring up pots of beautiful potions in her grandmother’s kitchen.  Today Sophie is fully immersed in the evolution, marketing and the launch of the new Rosina’s Skincare and Perfumery Range. Using Rosina’s unique recipes and her mother’s technical know-how Sophie is forging her own path.  This remarkable young lady is showing great talent in her own right and this amazing new brand is truly Sophie’s own brand, Rosina’s Lotions and Potions.